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Cannot sign in after updating to 7.8.0

Solved Sami Assi 7 years ago


i just upgraded to 7.8.0 then it required to sign back in. Thinking that I'm mistyping my password, I clicked on forgot password. I received an email to reset. When clicking on the reset link provided in the email, i'm being redirected to Justinmind sign in screen requesting to provide my email and password.

i'm stuck.

can you please help

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Hi Sami,

First, try copying and pasting the password reset link in a new tab instead of clicking on it within the email. If that doesn't work, try opening the link in another browser, preferably one that you haven't logged in to Justinmind with before. If you're still seeing the sign in page instead of the password reset page, let me know.




Thank you Danielle,

I did copy the link into several browsers, that didn't help.

I guess the update process encountered some issue. I noticed that the version was still at 6.0.0, even after a PS restart.

I just uninstalled the version I had and re-downloaded version 7.8.0. I created an account and provided the same email address as previously provided. It's working perfectly now.

Thanks for your help anyway.


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