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Cannot show hidden dynamic component on "On Toggle"

Answered Anju 7 years ago


I have created a toggle button. "On Toggle" should show a dynamic panel (which was hidden).

"On Toggle" again, should hide the dynamic panel.

AM not able to achieve this. Can you please help.

Tried attaching my prototype, it says "Demo.vp has incorrect file type"

Attching the screenshot, but its not displaying the dynamic panel which is hidden


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Hi Anju,

You will be able to attach your vp file in a .rar format here.


Sonia Durán


Hi Sonia

Here it is.

I tried adding a link to other other on toggle. That didnt work either.

Please suggest

Files: Demo.rar

For some reason the toggle event isn't working on the toggle element. As a work around you can try to add an event on the toggle switch panel on tap after the default events to hide/show your dynamic panel.

I've added a new screen to your demo (Screen 1a) which shows my solution working.

Perhaps Sonia can have the engineers investigate why the toggle event isn't working on toggle elements.


Hi Stphn,

Thank you for helping Anju. That is a nice workaround.

The reason why the event is not working is because there is an on toggle event at each panel. Said that, to make this working correctly, it should be just one "on toggle" event in order to do both actions. The best solution is using a single image map over the button with the "show" action. The hide action will be executed automatically the second time you are clicking into the button.


Sonia Durám


Thanks Sonia and Stphn. Sorry for late response but I will try this out and let you know.

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