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Cannot share prototype

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

When I go to Share > Share, I think I'm supposed to get a dialog but it just blinks and nothing happens.

When I go to Teamwork > Share prototype, I get an error that says "You have no Justinmind accounts. Please create a new account first". I'm not sure what that means, since I'm logged in.

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Hello Shruti,

We first suggest attempting to log into your Justinmind account online to verify the credentials. If correct and matching to the stored values within the desktop application (located within the Justinmind preferences menu), you should be able to select share -> share without problems. As for the teamwork menu item, if you are not working on a shared prototype this option can't be used. If still receiving the blinking error, please provide the logs.log file located within the Justinmind folder to our team.




Hi Luisa,

Yes, both (website and software) are logged in and correct but I still don't see anything. Nothing happens after "Retrieving accounts..." I will send logs.

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