Cannot get Justinmind to load due to another user already installed and tried on same computer

NGC Development shared this problem 1 year ago

I just downloaded and installed Justinmind and when the login screen popped up, it had another email address in the login screen so I changed it to the account that I signed up with. Now I get an error to say that "Your free trial as expired. You or another user has already tried Justinmind in this computer". This is a work computer and it's likely that the previous Designer before me has trialed this software. Is there a way that I can get this reset? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still give me the same error. When I first used this computer, this software was not installed on here.

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Dear NGC,

The trial starts when a user initially signs up for an account and download "prototyper" in a computer, that's the reason why you can't use the trial again, as there is only one trial per computer permitted.

To resolve this, contact, they might have a solution for this issue.