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Cannot create a click event on a master component

Answered To Ka 6 years ago

I have created several master components (masters) for reusability. I have several Instances of master components placed on a page.

I want to navigate a user to another page when they click on the instance of the master component on the page.

When I drag a component from master list onto a page and select the component, Events section is empty, saying: "No Item Selected"

I tried left clicking and selecting "Group in dynamic panels", and Events section become available. But the clicks do not work in simulation. It acts as if I was clicking on an empty area and highlights the available hotspots.

so the question is, how do I make it so that the master component is clickable on the page?

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Hi To Ka,

As a workaround, you could try using a hotspot on top of the master components.

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán


This is unfortunate. Didn't want to create new hotspots for each one of my 50+ links in my footer. :'(

Might there be a feature in the works where hotspots work within masters?


Hotspots is not a good solution for me either. Twice the work so unnecessary.


You can also try breaking the master (right-click on the master -> break the master) and you'll be able to create links without any hotspots.

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