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Cancelling subscription

In Progress Aaron 4 years ago

Hello Support Team,

I have recently cancelled my subscription. However, i am now facing an issue( pls see screenshot) when i am trying to access the prototype that i have created.

I understand that after cancelling the subscription, the prototype uploaded online will be cancelled. I have saved the prototype to my desktop.

I am unable to open up the file as the error dialog: your account has been cancelled keeps appearing.

Please help with the issue i am facing. I thought the account will still be kept, just that it will switch from paid subscription to free account. Thanks!

Appreciate your help:)

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Can you try signing out and back in to Justinmind? It should allow you to sign in to the free account, and you can then try opening the prototypes you saved on your desktop.


Hi Danielle, I'm facing the very same issue. I cancelled the subscription because I decided to downgrade to the free version only but now I cannot open any of my prototypes because of the "your account will be deleted in 7 days" error. I tried to log in and out several times but the message is still there. When I log in to the account section on the website, my account is marked as FREE ACCOUNT in the upper right corner but I still cannot use the desktop application. Any clues what to do?


You have two options:

1) Wait 7 days for the account data to be deleted and you should be able to sign in without error.

2) Create a trial account under another email and then sign in to the application. The trial will be automatically expired (since you are using it on the same computer) but that will allow you to open your prototypes.

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