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can viewers leave comments, when they view by using the link to a prototype?

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago


I finish a prototype, and send the link to it out to other people on my team for review.

They want to leave comments right on the prototype they see.

Currently, "comments mode on" appears to only allow the creator/publisher to leave comments for others to read.

Am I missing something ? It's more important for the reviewers to leave comments directly on the prototype than the publisher to leave comments. It need 2-way commenting.

Did I miss that functionality somewhere?

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I find the answer:

You must invite reviewers, from the usernote console. Then, they turn 'comments mode' on and can leave comments.


Hi Nathan,

We're glad you've found an answer. Feel free to write to us again if you have any more questions or concerns.



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