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Can reviewers see prototypes on their devices

In Progress Aman Yajurvedi 6 years ago


I want to know if reviewers can view prototypes on their devices? The idea is to have one user license (as there is only one person creating the prototypes) and add others in the team as reviewers. However this is not helpful if reviewers can't see the prototype on their devices, add comments etc. If this is not possible, is the only alternative is to add people who want to see the prototype on devices, as users? This will mean an additional user cost who will not be creating (seems like a waste).

Thank You

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Hi Aman,

Yes, reviewers can see prototypes on their devices. First, add them as a reviewer on a specific prototype, and they will receive an email with a unique token inviting them to view the prototype. They should then download the Justinmind mobile application, open the application, and look to the bottom where it says 'introduce token.' They can then enter the unique token they received in the email, and they'll be able to view the prototype.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the reply. I am going to check this out and get back to you. Appriciate the help.

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