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Can I detect when an object is NOT dropped on a target?

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

I'm trying to add an interactive objects that can be dragged to a certain target. Using the On Drag End Event and selecting the target object I'm able to do so, but I also want the source object to go back to its origin if it is dropped outside the target. Is there any way to tell the on drag event to do an action B if it is dropped outside the target?

I hope I'm making myself clear. Thanks!!

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Hi a,

Sorry for our late response. Unfortunately, there isn't any specific feature to do that but as a workaround you can create two events that will change the style (colour) of a small rectangle depending in which area you have dropped it (small rectangle) (See screenshot attached).

If you need further assistance contact us and I can send you the vp.file with the example.


Sonia Durán


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