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Can I Create iOS Apple Store Apps with JustInMind?

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Will JustInMind work for creating iOS Apple Store apps? I currently have four apps in the Apple store that have been created using Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5, Cordova, and Xcode. I am looking for alternatives. I consider myself a designer rather than a programmer, but have done both. I know HTML5, CSS3, plus have dabbled in a number of actual programming languages. Problem is that I despise scripting.

How difficult it is to clean up the generated HTML for JIM.

Does the database work after export, etc.

Are there any instructions anywhere on how to create a completed app from start to finish using JIM? Believe me, I've looked. I haven't been successful in getting a full answer. It appears as though some users are doing this, but I've found nothing substantial in my searching.

Thanks for your time in answering my question.


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Hi Rachel,

Justinmind is not thought to generate programming code. It is thought for the design and testing phase.

We are working on improving the support materials andstep-by-step manuals. If you need assistance on Justinmind features.



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