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Calling SOAP Web Service from prototype

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

We have a project where we need to build a JustInMind prototype where we trigger some action in an external system from a SOAP web service call we make from the JustInMind prototype.

We actually don’t need to consume/process the response of the web service request – the important thing is to make the request (we’ll use JustInMind to simulate the response). We just need to demonstrate that we can make a web request.

What would the code look like in the HTML widget to make a web service call? Can anyone point at any examples or doco we could read? Many thanks!

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please Lidia, could you answer it here though?

I have more or less the same question, so would be nice to know what did you answer to Brack Thompson.

Thanks :)


Justinmind is a prototyping tool and that implies that is not possible to send or receive data from external applications. But this information that is inside can't be manipulated or used to create events in the prototype itself.

You can add an embded HTML widget to the prototype to show your app, for example. You should use the HTML widget and then, at the properties tab, you'll find the HTML field where you have to place the code, you'll see already the tags which you can use. As for the code to place there, it would be the same you'd place in a regular website.

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