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Button component transparency property is not always working right

Solved Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Button component transparency property is not always working right. Sometimes I change the transparency for button, and nothing changes.

(FYI, I also tried to manipulate button transparency by events, I need this to create disabled buttons).

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Hello Maciej,

Thank you for reporting this behavior. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reproduce the transparency behavior you are receiving. Therefore, I would be grateful if you could provide your system specifications and a detailed description of when the behavior occurs to determine any potential triggers. As for manipulating through events, you may also use a change style action to set background and text properties to make the button appeared disabled. You can then set a variable to disabled and use in a condition to prevent events from occurring when the variable is set to 'disabled'. If you wish, I would be happy to produce an example for you.



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