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Building an expression crashes 7.1.0. :-(

Solved Robert Brown 8 years ago

I have installed 7.1.0 on my Mac and opened my prototype - All good. The main issue I am finding is when you try and build an expression for perhaps moving an object - the expression builder crashes - allowing me to save and I have to restart JustInMind App.

This didn't happen with the previous version. I am disappointed because I cannot do what I want to do with the expression. Wish I didn't install the update now.

I am trying to change the TOP property for an object using a calculated expression:

object.top = anotherobject.pos.x.absolute - 100

7.1.0 just crashes.


Any ideas please?

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Hi Robert,

As a prevention measure, could you please try removing Justinmind and then reinstall again.?

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán

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