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BUG Font size changing when I cut and paste text.

In Progress Irith Williams 7 years ago

I am cutting and pasting text and the following happens:

  1. the text is cut it is from a paragraph / text box where AutoFit is unselected.
  2. But when I paste J.I.M. automatically selects 'AutoFit text' and CHANGES the size of my font.
  • This happens EVERY time and is driving me crazy.

I tested just using the paragraph widget and it still does it. Default widget is 10pt, no AutoFit. If I cut and paste it the pasted paragraph has AutoFit selected and has changed the font to 13pt. This is a bug.

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Hi Irith,

Thank you very much for reporting this! I have sent this info to our development team and we are going to work on fixing this ASAP.



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