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Browser Widget URL

Solved stphn 7 years ago

I've added the browser widget to my project and while attempting to work on the project with no internet connection, Prototyper constantly tried to ping the URL from the widget and kept throwing an error prompt.

I attempted to change the URL of the widget to no value, localhost,, file:// and nothing worked so I was unable to work on the project without an internet connection or removing the URL completely without Prototyper constantly nagging me about not having a connection to the URL.

Can this widget by updated to:

1 - not throw an error prompt in the app if it cannot connect to the widget URL (the URL error should be handled by the browser as it normally would)... or at least only prompt once

2 - allow all valid local URLs to be used in the widget




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Hi Stphn,

It's a limitation and it doesn't allow to use valid local URL's. We always strive to incorporate user suggestions into future versions of JustInMind, and appreciate your feedback.


Sonia Durán

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