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Browser scaling issue

In Progress Rishi Patel 5 years ago

Hi, so i work on a 3200x1800 screen resolution on my laptop and utilizing the HiDPI version of justinmind.

Now when i create prototypes, i am forced to create the screen to 1280 maximum. If i go beyond that width, then when simulating, i get a huge horizontal scroll. This happens the same even when simulating to an actual browser. Now when i send it to other folks with lesser high resolution. for them it shows up with the actual 1280 resolution i set in which case they are having blank spaces on both sides of the prototype.

I even set the prototype layer to 1920x1080 and created it , it shows up fine when i send it to friends. but on my computer i have to scroll horizontally. Any Ideas?

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Go to your simulation settings in Justinmind and change the screen content dropdown to 'Expand to browser's width', with 100% scale.

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