Breaking master creates dynamic panel

Armin Seltz shared this problem 13 months ago
Under Consideration

If I break a master its contents are always grouped in a dynamic panel, even though there is no dynamic panel inside the master.

Shouldn't the master just break and its contents get grouped?

There is already such a huge amount of nested dynamic panels that can nearly drive you insane, especially since it never really selects the hierarchy level you expect, I think it would be wise not add any unnecessary levels of dynamic panels with just one layer, where it really doesn't need to.

Even if the master contains just 1 image, when you break it, all of a sudden its a dynamic panel for no reason. Making it even worse if I take the contents of the newly created dynamic panel and drag them out of the dynamic panel in the outline, the position of the elements is not the same any more :/

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Even more weirdly, if I drag the contents of the newly created panel out, their order is swapped. Why?






Hi Armin,

This is the intended behavior, but you're right that using a group instead of a dynamic panel might be better. I'll let our team know.