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Better naming for masters

Under Consideration Armin Seltz 5 years ago

I am just getting used to Masters and they are great, I already use them a lot. What I find weird though, is that once you place a master, it is usually named "Master_item_1". Already weird that it doesn't follow the usual Title Case naming scheme of all other things but, okay.

But how do I know WHICH master it is? I have about 20 masters and even clicking on the master, I am quite surprised that I can't seem to find anywhere that it says, which master it is.

Wouldn't it be obvious to just include the name of the master in the name given in outline?

Like if I have a master called "Navigation Bar", that it should be called "Navigation_Bar_1" in outline? But of course for that you'd have to sanitize the names, because you can have spaces in Master names, Screen names and pretty much anywhere, but not in the place where you have the most items and need most clarity - in the Outline. There you have to stick to no spaces, like its 1999..

Even in Properties it just shows the name, but not what master it is connected to. So the only way to find out is double clicking and checking the name? Of course, you can only see the name by looking at the tiny tab and only if it's not hidden, because you didn't realize that you actually have like 30 tabs open.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I'll forward this to our team.


Up vote, this is really confusing for me as well.


Hello, thank you for your suggestion, it will be taken into consideration.


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