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Beginner needs an easier to understand tutorial - or a tutor please...

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago

Hi, I am very time poor and have chosen Just in Mind to prototype an app. It looks like it has the features I want. Sadly I'm a total beginner with a computer and cannot understand even the basic instructions - and am trying to puzzle through the screens I am making. I am at the point where I will need help as the tutorials just don't make sense and I am wasting huge amounts of time now. Is there any very well described tutorials for beginners, other than on your site, or anyone near Sydney Australia I can hire to teach this to me???


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All of our tutorials are listed on Justinmind.com/support

However, we'd be glad to help explain some concepts. What in particular is giving you trouble?




Hello, I'd love to know if I can make a scrollable page and also what dynamic panels are.

Is there any way to indicate on the simulator, what buttons have an interaction added to them? Thanks for the help.


Hi GJ,

Sorry for our late response.

The Dynamic Panel widget is an advanced widget that can be described as a group of panels that act as containers. From all the containers only one is displayed at a time while all the others remain hidden. When a Dynamic Panel is created it only has one single container.

To implement scrolling, you'll first need to drag a dynamic panel onto the screen and set the vertical scroll property to automatically. Then simply extend the dynamic panel widget to hold all the elements desired and right click the widget to select edit content. Now you just need to add all the components you would like to the dynamic panel and right click to elect exit edit content when finished. Readjust the dynamic panel so it fits onto the screen and simulate to view the results.


Sonia Durán

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