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AutoFit paragraphs inside a dynamic panel with %

In Progress Judit Casacuberta 5 years ago

I have a dynamic panel with % width and paragraphs inside also with % width and AutoFit Text checked.

I want those paragraphs to adapt when the panel is resizes with another action but autofit text is breaking the paragraphs into two lines even with 100% before and after resizing. They look good on justinmind but not in the simulator.

I'm using Segoe UI Font.

Is there a way to fix that?

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Hi Judit,

In this case, it would be better to uncheck AutoFit text. As for resizing the paragraph when the panel resizes, you can change it to be responsive by changing the width to %-based in the properties palette.




Hi Danielle,

thanks for the answer, removing the AutoFit helps with the breaking issue but then it doesn't adapt the height when the panel is resized.


You can also change the height of the paragraph to be responsive. To do this, select the paragraph in the Outline palette, then look to the Properties palette, and under Size, change the Height parameter to '%' and write '100' next to the dropdown. The paragraph will now take up 100% of the height of the panel. Check out the attached prototype for an example.

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