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Auto Embed Font | EMBED FOREVER

Under Consideration Prabha 4 years ago


Embedding the font is indeed a useful feature. I want to address the painpoint and suggest an idea to solve this. Today, I am exporting the prototype like 10 times a day. and all those times I need to embed the fonts from the system.


Can you provide a feature to upload the font once, and let it be with the prototype with till the end? instead of asking us to upload every time.

DO NOT EMBED - This Button or feature I would never use. because If at all I am using the font, I would definitely need to embed the font 100% of times.

If you can add

EMBED FOREVER with this prototype with these options that would be really helpful more than EMBED FONT.



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Thank you for your feedback! I have sent this along to our team and we'll keep it in mind for future updates.

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