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Auto-adjust variable locations

Answered Benjamin Ruggeberg 8 years ago

How can I make variables that adjust their width/location? Ex: filtering for restaurants and hotels in google mobile search (see attached).

I want to be able to show "Any rating" and "Any Price" on the initial results page, and then after a filter is applied, I want to show specific filters such as "4+ stars" and "$$" on the results page. I am able to do this with the variables, however, I don't know how to make the text adapt when less characters are present. 21ba5f630e1003924e4b2e2b7e6cf5c0

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Hi Benjamin,

You can use the 'Auto-fit text' option. And then, if you want the labels to adjust its location horizontally, you can group them in a dynamic panel and chose the 'horizontal layout' feature'.




Thanks, Lidia.

I got this to work and it looks nice in the desktop simulator, however, when I open the link from my JIM account, the text doesn't adjust horizontally. It just wraps the text (see attached).


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