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App wont launch in Windows 7

Solved Victor Conesa 8 years ago

First off, excellent tool. I needed the ability to prototype that was not cloud based. After trying different options, I preferred this one. It's been a vital tool for my current UI/UX project and got the CEO of my company to purchase the license on short notice and it runs fine on my MacBook Pro (will have some feedback & suggestions in the future).

I like it so much, I was going to get my own license for my home office, but I do most of that on Windows machines. I wanted to test first to see the difference, but after install, it just opens then instantly closes. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reinstalled Java Runtime, rebooted. Nothing works. Log file just shows a bunch of the following:

[main ] [2016-04-06 15:42:33] INFO com.justinmind.prototyper - START Justinmind Prototyper

[main ] [2016-04-06 15:42:33] INFO com.justinmind.prototyper - EXIT Justinmind Prototyper

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Hi B!Martin,

We're sorry that you're encountering this. As a prevention measure, please try reinstalling the app. (Uninstall first). Relating to Java, don't worry about it, Justinmind comes with its own Java.

If the issue still persists please send a ticket to our Customer Support Portal.

Kindly let me know how it goes.


Sonia Durán


Sill instantly crashes, on two separate machines. I can't even access the support portal. The license was purchased by IT and I had him add me as a user. I did send an email to jim.info@justinmind.com from the email address with the paid account.

Hopefully I can get access to the support portal to figure this out. Would hate to pay for a license and be unable to use the program. CEO does not like cloud based apps (have government clients) and I share the same sentiment for my own work.


Hi there,

Send an email to us with this info as well as your license key and we'll sort this out for you.



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