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'Always on top' makes the content inaccessible

Solved Dee Skiver 8 years ago

I have a slide menu that pulls in via a hamburger icon. The slide menu has an overlay panel that dims the background content. These items are on my main template. When I base a screen (that has clickable elements on it) on the template, all the items under the overly are not clickable. This is the case even when the slide menu hasn't been activated. How do I get the overlay panel to stop blocking clicks when it's not even showing on the screen?

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Hi Dee,

Try disabling 'always on top' from that element, and instead just place it higher on the outline.




Hi Danielle!

I'm having the same issue. Besides the fact, that I won't be able to use your workaround, since:

I placed a master-file in the template (same idea with having a dim background like Dee), which needs to be on top of all the screens. Therefore I won't be able to change anything in the outline panel. But checking the "Always on top" will make the content on the screen not accessible.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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