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Allow arbitrary text and placeholders in datagrid cells

Completed Victor Conesa 11 years ago

Currently each placeholder object in a datagrid is limited to the value it represents. Still, placeholders can be copied and used multiple times, and distributed across different columns.

Even more useful than this would be the option to alter the text of a placeholder object to incorporate custom text as well as other placeholders. These could then be replaced during simulation.


"This is the [TestData.id]. entry, by [TestData.author]"

could become

"This is the 3. entry, by John Doe"

The (less handy, but possibly more flexible) alternative would be a text function replace().

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There is an option to do that already. If you define an on page load event on a text inside a row you can use a set value action on that text and display a combination of those fields using an expression. The expression would be something like this:

( (This is the ) concat (select(Row,TestData.id)) ) concat ( (. entry, by ) concat (select(Row,TestData.author)))


When you say Row, that exactly do you mean?

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