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Allow Users to Sign Out of Other Computers

Completed Rebecca 6 years ago

It seems like there have been numerous reports of getting the too many activations error. I've experienced it a few times, had to have everyone on my team reset, and just got it again despite knowing that I've only activated on 2 computers after installing a new version. It's a huge time suck and pain to have to open a support ticket and wait until it's reset. Why not let the users sign out of other devices themselves like Adobe does? No support ticket, no waiting, just a button click and ready to go.

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Hi Rebecca,

This feature is already available for Enterprise on-site server users.

Other users should make sure to pay attention to which computers they have activated, and make sure to sign out of their Justinmind application if they plan to download a fresh new version, are planning on getting a new computer, or are planning on moving between more than 2 computers.



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