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Allow spaces in Names

Under Consideration Armin Seltz 5 years ago

It's really annoying that spaces are not allowed in names in the outline for some reason. Oh, except for screens, it's okay there.

Especially infuriating is that if you press enter with a name containing spaces, it just reverts to the original name and deselects it.

At the very least it should revery, but keep the focus on the word, so I can just type again. One alternative would be to auto-escape space and replace them with hyphens for example. Or better still, get your developers to do the escaping in the background and allow spaces in the names like literally any other software where you can rename things.

I am aware that web-based naming should not contain spaces for CSS classes and the like, but it's not a technical limitation in the slightest, but only your developers going the easy route of just not allowing spaces just because its easier.

Naming is so important in Justinmind, because of the endless hierarchy of panels and other items and because it's so important to not lose track of what is what. Shouldn't in that case renaming get the most attention in terms of usability?

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Hi Armin,

Thank you for the detail in this suggestion. I have forwarded this request to our development team.



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