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Allow navigation panel on public links

Under Consideration Richard London 6 years ago

If I share my prototype with named user they are able to view the navigation panel on the right. Which allows them to view all the pages within a prototype, which is great. However when viewing a public link these are not available.

We share our prototypes with a number of different individuals, and with development teams. it is labour intensive to send share links with all of these people. Plus we add our share links into our ALM, which all the development teams use. Some prototypes cover multiple parts of our Saas product which aren't connected by simply adding links into the prototype, as they don't exist on the same screen, hence why we create multiple pages in one prototype as it is more efficient.

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your suggestion! I have forwarded it along to our development team.




I second that.

As a reviewer one needs to create an account in justinmind. which misses the point of fast and easy sharing. I have multiple complaints on the process of reviewing and commenting on wireframes:

  1. They have issues logging in
  2. They cannot share the link to the wireframes with other team memebrs.
  3. If I do make the wireframes password protected public link there is no outline menu

All we really want is the option to share our wireframes as a link where there is an outline menu.


Thank you very much for your feedback - I will send it to our team.

One thing though, a reviewer does not need to have an account. They can do so to access all their invited prototypes at once, but they don't need to have one to just view a prototype they've been invited to review.

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