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Allocate a total number of votes with a dropdown menu

Answered Victor Conesa 9 years ago

I'm trying to set up a prototype in which a user would have a set number of votes to allocate (ie 6) and would then apply those votes to various options using a dropdown menu.

I'd like to set it up so that when a number is selected from any dropdown, you would see the total number of votes decrease by the total amount of votes set by the dropdowns and disallow amounts greater than the total amount of votes available.

for instance, we would start with 6 votes - I allocate 2 to option one, the total remaining says 4. I allocate 2 more to option 2, the total remaining says 2. If I change option 1's dropdown to 1 vote, the total would increase to 3.

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Is there a way to disable values in the dropdown that are greater than the total remaining?

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