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All Fonts Rendering Arial On Android

Solved Victor Conesa 9 years ago

Any font I select (Brushscript, Roboto, etc.) renders as Arial when previewing on Android with the JustInMind app. Cursive, Bold, attributes are rendered but with Arial.

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Hi Colin,

This is probably because your device doesn't have those fonts installed. If you want to use fonts that aren't installed in your device you can use google fonts in Justinmind.

You can use google fonts by clicking on Add next to Google Fonts at the bottom of the fonts dropdown.

For roboto please make sure it has a red square with an F in the dropdown; if it doesn't please uninstall it from your system and add it using google fonts.

If it has the red square and still doesn't show propperly let me know.




Is it possible that it supports other web fonts?

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