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Adding comments not working

In Progress Iris Dregnat 5 years ago


when I want to test my prototyp I encouter the issue that I can not add comments. When the comment mode is on, I can click anywhere in the screen and the text field pops up. All good so far. I can type as well... but when I press "add" nothing happens. There is a quick notice "waiting for justinmind" at the bottem left of the browser window but other than that nothing. For closing the window I can click "cancel". When I leave the prototyp the dashboard reveals that comments were entered on the prototyp. However, I can jsut see how many commencts, not the content of those. In the comment mode of the prototyp no comments are visible. I tested both IE and Chrome. I tried another prototyp but encoutert the same issue.

Here is the link to my test-comments prototyp: https://www.justinmind.com/usernote/prototypes/38947355/38978593/38978630/index.html#/screens/d12245cc-1680-458d-89dd-4f0d7fb22724

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards.

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We think the issue might be fixed now. Can you try refreshing the page and try commenting again? Let me know if the problem still occurs.


Hello, thank you for the quick reply! In the software it works fine now. I can synchronize the comments and then view/add them in the simulation. However, in the browser (both IE and Chrome) I still fail to see the commencts or receive a notification that the comment was added successfully.

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