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add event condition "equals" won't work

In Progress Perih 5 years ago

I have a screen with a select list and a button below it. I've added an event to the button with one condition, which works. Now, I'm trying to add an "else" condition. In the "add condition" popup, it lets me add the select list widget. But, when I tap the "=" comparator, nothing happens.

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Conditions are added in the Events palette, not in the Conditional Expression builder.


Check out our tutorials on Conditions to learn more, and let me know if you have any questions.


I discovered the solution: you have to use drag. Single or double clicks don't do anything. I guess this makes sense if you have a complicated expression where there's more than one place an operator can go. Would be nice if the UI showed an alert if you single or double click, though, suggesting to drag instead.

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