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Add a "Click" action and the ability to "Call" events from one component to another.

Under Consideration Dave 9 years ago

Thanks to fellow JustinMind user Maciej Sawicki, we have learned a technique (which I took the liberty of naming the "Sawicki Indirection Technique" in his honor), by which an event on one component can trigger an event on another component.

This has numerous applications, not the least of which is the ability to delayed triggering of tooltips.

The technique involves adding (otherwise unneeded) Text Input components and adding "on Focus In" events to trigger actions "remotely" from another component by way of the "set Focus On" action. The Text Input serves as a kind of public method that can be called from other components.

As remarkable a feat of inspired hackery as it is, it is still a hack.

Better would be the ability to trigger events in one component via actions within events in other components.

A natural first choice would be a new "Click" action.

This new Action type would simulate clicking another component, triggering its existing "on Click" event.

Going further, an entirely new Action type could be a "Call" action, with a corresponding "on Call" event trigger. This would allow components to "Call" another component to trigger its "on Call" event, just as giving focus to an input triggers its "on Focus In" event.

A further refinement of this idea could be "named calls" — essentially, public methods that could be called from another component to trigger a set of defined actions.

Finally, if these new "named calls" could be attached to the prototype (rather than to a specific page or component), this would provide the functionality requested almost four years ago by regis.remillien: global and page functions.

Thank you

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Credit should go to Mogarick who posted this technique before me. I merely made it more clear to use :)




Thank you for the credit!

I'm glad the workaround I proposed has been useful. But at the same time I'm sad because it looks JIM has not implemented a real solution even though it's been about 4 years since Rousell Huston suggested and almost 2 years since I posted the work around.

It would be great to get official word of JIM about why this feature has been relegated for so long.


We still have to keep in mind that JIM it's more a graphic/wireframing tool than programing tool. We're probably a bunch of very advanced users with high needs, but lots of people needs simple things.

For example even making tabs in JIM and styling the active tab is painfully long. There are tons of things they could improve.

But I have to admit, that having invisible "virtual input fields" doesn't seem to be as difficult to develop...


Funny you should mention styling the active tab (and un-styling all the others), as it is the first place where I implemented the S̸a̸w̸i̸c̸k̸i̸ Mogarick Indirection Technique. I put the group of actions that set the style of the deselected tabs into an on Focus In event, which I trigger via "Set Focus To" just before the event on the clicked tab that styles it as selected.

Previously (when the "de-styling" actions were repeated as events on every tab), adding a new tab used to require editing every other tab to add a "de-style" action for the new tab. Now, I just add the tab and add a single "de-style" action to the "Mogarick Technique" input :-).

But yeah: I hope we'll hear from Justinmind that they will reach out and give some love to their more d̸e̸m̸a̸n̸d̸i̸n̸g̸ advanced users.


Hi all,

I'm terrible sorry this feature has been delayed for so much time. I wish we could add everything we want in the product but resources and time are limited. Said that, this feature is reaching the top of the backlog so I'm sure it will be launched sometime this year.



Hi. "Demanding user" Dave Land here. I have enjoyed meeting you and talking about what makes JustinMind such a great tool, but this request is one of the most important: Any word on whether it's working its way through the backlog? Thanks!


Hi Dave,

Unfortunately there is no set date yet to the implementation. However as a workaround you can try using the "on variable change" .

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sonia Durán


Hello, any news on this? Or is there an easy way to apply an action to apply for instance Events triggered on checkbox check. when clicking on the label?

Thank you.

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