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Adaptive Design with Consistent Content Across all Viewport

Known Sohel Kapasi 6 years ago

I just installed JIM to evaluate and select the right prototyping tool for my company, I like how JIM provides great design capabilities such as changing border of even form fields where Axure doesn't have this freedom.

However I am struggling to find right tutorial or JIM doesn't have this very simple and obvious feature to design pages Adaptive,

What I learned so far is that one has to create multiple pages version of the exact same pages for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop and when requirement changes you go and modify all three version, if this is true I am sorry but this is way too much work for enterprise app developer after having 100 plus pages.

I like how Axure can let you create page and then just define viewports, though you have to define the layout but content of the page remains same across all viewport.

I would love to see and learn something similar or greater then that in JIM, and I am sure this beautiful tool must have something which I haven't uncovered yet. Please help...


Thank you

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Dear Sohel,

Thank you for taking the time to report this, we always strive to incorporate user suggestions into future versions and appreciate your feedback. Our development team is working on implementing new features throughout this year, that will help our users with the creation of adaptive prototypes. We'll keep you updated.


Sonia Durán


Hi Sonia,

Do you have any estimated time of arrival for this feature? I really need to know this in order to make a tool selection decisions.

Thank you

Sohel Kapasi


Hi Sohel,

You could also take a look at our one-page responsive design tutorial here: https://www.justinmind.com/support/responsive-design-in-your-web-and-app-prototypes/

Which will let you create just one version of the prototype instead of one for each device.

Hope this helps.



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