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Activate Cursor Input Field after setting Panel active

Answered Mozartezekiel 5 years ago


I'm prototyping a "create account" screen with e.g. entering an email-address based on an iPhone X Screen with a dynamic panel. On tap of the relevant section (text with a transparent rectangle on top) to start entering the email-address I added an event to set another panel active which gives additional information around a text input field (such as...his is the email-address you're going to log in with etc...). Everything works fine. But after changing to the panel with the text input field, I need a second tap to activate the input field/cursor. Is there any option to automatically get the input filed going after the panel shows up?


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Yes, you can create an "On Panel Active" + "Set Focus On" event, and set the focus to the Input Text Field. If you want to give it a value, create another action - "On Panel Active" + "Set Value" event. Check out this tutorial for an example.

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