Action operations not working as expected

Cynthia Cooper1 shared this problem 2 years ago


Testing out your software and running into something I think is an error. That, or maybe your documentation needs to be updated, either way, action operations are not working as expected.

First, I'm trying to get a dropdown form-field with predictive search to only be visible once a user has focused in on the form field and begun typing.

Basically, once the form field has been selected (focused on) and the first "key up" completed, then the dropdown should become visible.

Every time I attempt to "show" the dropdown on the "key up" after the user has "focused in" on the input field your software automatically moves the second interaction (showing the dropdown) up in front of the "focus in" action.

The options to move the interaction down(below or after) the "focus in" action is unavailable. Please see video for reference: