Account Ownership Transfer bug

Tim Cerami shared this problem 4 years ago

We're trying to transfer ownership of our account from one user to another. There is a bug is the process that shows that ownership will be transfered to the first person in our user list rather than the selected user. I've posted a support case (#19115) on this 4-5 days ago and was told it was fixed, but it it still broken.

Are you guys aware of this bug? Any idea on when we can get it resolved?

Thanks, Tim

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Hi Tim,

We have fixed the issue, so you should be able to correctly transfer account ownership now. Please let me know if you're still encountering any issues.




Thanks Danielle,

From a support request, I believe you guys did this in our behalf, which is great. I will let you know if we ever need to transfer ownership again.

Thank you, Tim