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Access to a checkbox within a check list

Answered Victor Conesa 7 years ago


I have two dynamic panels.

In the first panel, I have a check list that describes the actions a user can choose to do in a web app, for instance 'Comment a blog post', 'Like a blog post'...

In the second panel, I have a list of input text field that describes the number of actions the user can do, for instance 'Number of comments allowed per blog post'...

If the user doesn't check the box 'Comment a blog post' in the first panel, I'd like the corresponding Input text field in the second panel ('Number of comment') to be blackened. I created an event "On Change"+"Change Style", but I don't know which conditional statement I have to create (as I don't know how to access the value "checked/unchecked" of a particular check box in a check list).

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Hi there,

The condition can be When... Category 1 [selected] (the check list) ≠ 'Comment on a blog post'





Thanks ! It's working :)

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