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ability to scroll on a dynamic panel of icons and drag and drop those icons into trash

Answered Victor Conesa 8 years ago


I'm sorry if this is a bit complicated. I have a homescreen design I am trying to accomplish as an iPhone app. I have a dynamic panel that scrolls horizontal full of icons. I use the icons ontap event to link to a different page. Besides scrolling I need to long hold an icon, have the screen grey out and show a trash bin, then drag the icon to it and when released go back to regular screen without icon.

Currently I am using the longhold event to make a grey mostly transparent rectangle appear over the screen with the trash icon in the bottom left corner. There is no release action I see and I worry how the scroll will work with the ondrag action. Any suggestions? I fell like the scroll is messing everything up.

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Hi Jonathan,

You can send us your prototype and we'll be happy to help you.



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