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Ability to choose who to notify when resharing a prototype.

Under Consideration Laurent Barbareau 7 years ago


I would have appreciated being able to choose the people to be notified when resharing a prototype, from JIM.

I know we're not obliged to notify anyone when resharing but if this is what we want, we may not aware of the exact list of the current registered reviewers.

Then for instance, thinking notify just my colleagues, it turns out that I also notified customers... and it wasn't the appropriate moment. This is not so embarrassing mistake but it could have been...

I'll know it for the next time but do you think it could be implemented ? Cf. attached picture where to insert the reviewer list.

Thank you.

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Hi Laurent,

Thank you for your idea. We always strive to incorporate users suggestions into future versions of Justinmind and really appreciate your feedback.


Sonia Durán

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