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A white background appears between the transition effects.

In Progress HongCheonGi 6 years ago

Hi ~

I use the "JUSTINMIND" trial version.

I learned a lot by studying the tutorial.

But there is one problem.

When simulating a transition effect on the screen, a white screen appears between the transition effects.

Are there any transitions while maintaining the previous screen?

We found the same issue in the community, but we could not fix it.

Of course, there are alternatives to using dynamic panels.

However, a screen transition is required to show scenarios on a completely different screen.

Please check the motion picture of attached file.

I hope I have a solution.

The operating environment is Windows7.

The simulation is for Android Phone.

This issue can be a major constraint on your purchase decision.

Please check the attached file.

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Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this. Unfortunately it looks like the file wasn't attached. You can try uploading it to a file sharing service, such as Dropbox, and link to the file here.




Thank you for your comments.

I try to attach it to my comment as a compressed file (.ZIP) and try again.

I'm using an alternative method now with dynamic panels.

Although this is a simple transition effect, it takes many steps to make the underlying white background invisible, making it less efficient.

Though there is this inconvenience, I think that JUSTINMIND is a very good SW.

I hope you will get better in the next update version.


Thanks for the video. If possible, could you send the file (.vp) in which this occurs to us so we can investigate this further?


What transitions are you using and what are the settings (e.g. duration, easing, etc.)?


i have a similar problem. i not stay in office until next week. i can't send you the vp file.

but you can reproduce it very easy. just make a prototype with 2 pages. add black backgrounds to each page and link one with the other. if you simulate it on android or ios you will see an annoying white flash while it switchs from one screen to the other. even on a very fast device you see the white flash very good.

please fix that or tell me how to fix that. we have a lot of customers which really don't like that.



We are working on fixing this. Unfortunately I don't have a set date for the release of this fix.

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