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A lot of things not working

In Progress Lutzwesterfeld 4 years ago


I just started my first Prototype on JustInMind but sadly I had a lot of Problems right from the start. I try to get my Prototype done on my Macbook Pro but the Problems make this task very hard.

1_The Objects had different positions in the simulation than they had been set up in the workspace. For example: I made two Rectangles (1 with 15% hight and snap to top) & (1 with 85% hight and snap to bottom). In the Workspace everything lines up perfectly, but when I switch to simulation mode there is a Gap between the Rectangles. Sometimes the Objects seem to be completly out of place (even with simple objects).

2_When I apply a round border, the radius in the Workspace is much bigger than the radius in the simulation. For example: I made a rectangle with round borders (20) in the workspace, giving it very soft edges. When I switch to simulation mode the edges are almost without radius. This Problem shows especially when the objects to be rounded have a dynamic size in %.

3_When I place an Image inside of a dynamic panel to show just a part of it and apply rounded edges to that panel, the picture is not displayed completely. Instead there is a "white spot" with the values of the radius. So if the panel has thin, rounded borders the picture is "flying" in this panel.

4_Sometimes (can't tell exactly when) Objects, svg files in my case, get big white outlines in the simulation mode. The Objects do not have outlines in the workspace or in the original. Maybe this is because of transparancy within the objects shadow (Shadow was part of imported svg). I use this Object on two screens. Just one of them developed this Problem over time.

5_Internal Shadow option do not show any results, neither in the workspace nor in the simulation. Had to go for shadows on Objects in AI and Import the svg (> Problem 4).

6_When I place a rectangle within a rectangle (in hierarchy) and give both rounded edges, I have a Problem with dynamic positioning. When the inner rectangle is "fixed to left" and "fixed to top" it is not sitting at the left upper edge of the outer rectangle. Instead it seems to be fixed with an offset according to the radius for the rounded edges. This might have the same source as Problem 3.

7_When I click on a button and change screens the watch of the iPhone X Status Bar Widget changes from the real time to "4:02" for a second.

So with all this problems I cannot get the prototype done. Are there Problems with my Version or are these overall problems? Are you able to get rid of them so that I can work properly? I hope that you are able to answer my questions honestly.


Lutz Westerfeld

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Happy to answer your questions. We've attached an example file that provides workarounds to the bugs we've found.

  1. It looks like this is a bug, because the heights should be lining up correctly. As a workaround, you can use a Table and create one "On Window Resize" + "Resize" events that resize one cell of the table to be Window Height * 0.85. Then create another "On Window Resize" + "Resize" event and resize the other cell of the table to be Window Height * 0.15. In the attached an example of this you can find the events on the base Screen of the prototype.
  2. This is also a bug - the rounded corners should show. A workaround can be to group the Rectangle in a Dynamic Panel. This should maintain the rounded edges and allow you to give the element a % width.
  3. We're aware of this and it will be fixed in upcoming versions. A workaround for now is to keep the Dynamic Panel without rounded edges, but place a Rectangle with rounded edges inside it, and place the Image on top of that.
  4. Can you attach the SVG files that have this problem? We'd like to test this.
  5. Shadows won't show during editing (though in future versions they will), but they should show during simulation. Does this happen for all elements or is it only the SVGs you referenced?
  6. What do you mean by a 'rectangle within a rectangle' in this case? Do you have an example or screenshot of the screen and Outline?
  7. This is because the "On Page Load" + "Set Value" event is triggering to change the time. You could remove this event if you'd like.


We've released an update today that should fix the issue with percentage heights not lining up correctly. Go to Help > Check for Updates to download it.

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