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Sharing project with viewer leads to 404

Known Hello 42 days ago

I'm a new users, just exploring all the features. Currently unable to share a link to my project to be viewed by others. The link I get always leads to 404 page.


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Recently, we identified a problem on our servers that could be related with this issue. The error has been addressed and right now if you try to publish a new project on your account it should be working correctly.

Unfortunately, projects you published where any of these problems saving/sharing occurred, should be republished. In order to do so, you can open a local copy (a .vp file from your local system, if you have one, or opening the cloud project on Justinmind application and use the File->Save a local copy…) and publish it again.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused, I hope these instructions solve the issue. Please let me know if you still have any problem.

Best regards.

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