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Unable to launch JiM following a change of email address

Known Jonathan Serex 3 months ago


My company has recently changed of name, and therefore our email address have changed. In my JiM account for the company "FNZ Switzerland SA", under "Set profile settings" I could update my email address, everything went well. (I changed the domain name from @newaccess.ch to @fnz.com)

However, I am now unable to launch the JiM client. When I try to login with my new email address, my credentials are accepted and I get the following screen:


I click on "Sign in" and get the following error.


If I try to login with my former email address, I get: "There is no account for this email. Sign up".

If I try to create a new account with my new email address, I get: "There is already an account for this email. Sign in"

So I am totally blocked. Can you please help me to recover my access to my projects ?

Kind regards,


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Hello, we apologize for any inconvenience. Could you please confirm if the error you were experiencing still persists?

Additionally, if you choose the free account option, do you encounter the same issue?

Furthermore, could you let us know if you are able to access the web application?

Thank you.


Hello Ria,

The issue has been solved, thank you !


You're welcome! Please feel free to reach out if there's anything else we can assist you with.


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