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Deploy Carousel Effect

Known Trongceo88 9 months ago

Dear Support Team,

I'm a newbie. I would like to create carousel effect for this panel. Would you kindly to guide me

I appreciate you so much


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Hello, I am attaching an example that I think may be useful to you, here you can see the options as ellipses, in a group, within a dynamic panel. In the dynamic panel an event: "On Swipe Left" + "Move" Moves to -460 of the "x position" with easing, with the condition that: "When" "Ellipse1" x position (absolute) = 0, this will make your options slide with an effect to the left (the -460 of the x position corresponds to the starting position of ellipse number 3) and a second event: “On Swipe Right” + “Move (ellipse1)” to 0px with easing, this will make your carousel go back to the original position. I hope you find it useful, and let me know if we can help you with anything else.


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