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Graphic with text underneath.

Known Drifus 12 months ago

I am working on a UI for a website.

On the home page I have a graphic, underneath it I have a message that I would like to display when you hover over the graphic, i'd like it to slide up and display for x seconds.

After which the graphic slides down covering the message, unless it's hovered over again, etc.

Being new to this, I am able to hide the message and have the graphic slide, but I am missing the "control" of the objects, the slide can be erratic and the text will show and then disappear.

I have tried various things that I have found, but my logic and the apps logic are not playing well together.


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Hello, you can create a message that scrolls up and down when you hover over a hotspot, I am attaching an example, to this same example you can add a timer for the message to disappear, could you tell me if this is what you need?

Thank you.

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