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Simulation issues with dynamic panels & resize event

Known Jonathan Serex 13 months ago


With the latest version of JiM (10.0.3) I face two issues with the dynamic panels and the "resize" event.

I've recorded a small video to illustrate the problems I am facing.

  • Issue 1 is about the resizing event which does not work properly upon a change of panel
  • Issue 2 is about the resizing event which does not work properly when a margin is added to table in a dynamic panel (from 1:48 in the video)

Find attached the prototype that I've used to record the video.

Thank you in advance for your support on these issues.

Kind regards


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Hello, regarding the first bug, it has resize events both in the cells and in the table itself. When done at the same time, it does not interpret the events correctly and does not work correctly. Also, there is a bug with the resize of non-visible elements that uses the "current" as height in the event. I am attaching a prototype where you can see all the resize events and I have set them to run from the screen so that if you select the screen you can see them. I have removed the events from the cells of the tables, it is only necessary to resize the table itself.

Regarding the second bug, the table internally had corrupt values, we are investigating, in the prototype it is fixed.



Thanks for the prompt feedback Ria.

So, a recap, just to be sure I understood you correctly:

  • Both issues are due to bugs.
  • There is a workaround for the first bug which is to set the events at screen level (which is not ideal for me because usually I save each UI elements in a library). But it's better than nothing.
  • For the 2nd bug, you did a manipulation and fixed it directly in the prototype. If I face it again I cannot fix it by myself.

Is this correct ? Do you confirm that all these bugs will fixed in a future version ?

Thanks again for your super fast answers. This is much appreciated !


Hello, the first one is a bug, but it is not what you describe, when resizing the table and its cells at the same time, the final size cannot be computed correctly, the events do not have to be at the screen level, in the example are all put there so you can see them all.

The second one is the bug that you describe, in the example we haven't done any internal manipulation, we just deleted all the resize events and added them one by one to reproduce the bug and it worked as it should.

Both bugs are reported and will be resolved in future updates.



Hello Ria,

Regarding the 1st issue, you say that I tried to resize both the table and its cell at the same time, but I don't think this is right.

If you check my prototype, you will see that I resize a panel and a cell in a table.


In your re-worked prototype, you've modified the behavior of the simulation because you resize the panel and the table itself (not a cell in the table). As a consequence the rendering is not exactly what I wanted to achieve.


In the end, what I do not really understand, is the link between the event "set active panel" and the resizing issues. Because, both solutions, yours and mine, are working (i.e. the panel and table/cell size are properly calculated) as long as we do not modify the active panel during the simulation. The issue occurs on the "set active panel" event, where the size of most objects in the target panel are not properly calculated.

So, I just wanted to clarify this to be sure that we have a common understanding of the issue to fix.


Hi, we're sorry for the confusion, there is indeed a bug when you resize a non-visible cell (for example, and in your case, when it's in another panel). As a workaround you could put a cell resize as a condition, see if that cell is visible, and when a set active panel is done, the resizes of the cells of that panel are done. I attach an example with this modification. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will be fixing this bug in the future.



Thanks for the confirmation Ria. Great if you can fix it in a future version !

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