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Mobile Prototype isn't changing size dynamically

Known Mdorma6 14 months ago

I am having issues making the site work for mobile. I am trying to create a simple mobile version where there are big buttons that you can scroll and it doesn't seem to size correctly. I have a s23 ultra and it doesn't stretch to fit the screen. There is also an x in the upper right hand corner that I have disabled, but it still shows up anyway.

The dynamic pages seem to give me issues when I try to resize and move things around and I have spent several hours trying to make this work.


Please help.

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Hello, could you send us your vp?

Thank you


The file is 16 mb (which is too large for here), so I can try to send a copy of just the mobile site.

  • You will see the x appears in the top right even though it is supposed to be invisible.
  • It also cuts the x off and the resizing is strange!

  • Then if you rotate it, some of the elements are moving from where I want them to sit. (the footer, the text in the header)
  • I have 3 dynamic panels and when I try to resize boxes inside them, they don't resize to the correct size. The hyperlink text boxes at the bottom of the page keep shifting to different sizes and they move off the words, even though they are supposed to be locked. The copyright at the bottom also gets cut off.

I'm mostly having issues with the resizing inside this dynamic panel, and keeping things in their position as the page stretches.


Hello, I am attaching your prototype with an extra screen in which you will see fixes, let me know if this is what you need, to make a prototype for a samsung galaxy s23 ultra you have to make the screens 360 x 772, to get it right Alternatively, there is the option to "fit to screen content" in the share settings dialog.

Here are some tutorials that might help you:




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