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Dynamic Panels showing all panel components

Known Blackjacketjc 14 months ago

Hi there,

Day 1 using Justinmind so thank you for any insights on this issue.

Issue: I use dynamic panel and create two buttons above it, labelled Panel 1 and Panel 2. I create another panel (so I have Panel 1 and Panel 2). I then drop text boxes and buttons on panels 1 and 2, but I find the controls when I run the app just all display, even when I put action code in to show either panel 1 or 2. It is as if the components/controls I drop on to Panel 2 fall through to Panel 1 and its a total merged mess!

Any ideas on how to only show the components/controls for a panel when selected via the button for it? I can't find a way to hide the other panel etc either.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hello, are you creating a dynamic panel and adding a panel from the "+" button or are you creating independent panels? are you control/command clicking when dragging elements within the panel?

I am attaching an example of the cases mentioned, let me know if any of them are similar to the ones you are trying to create, then I leave you a link where you can find more information about dynamic panels:


Let me know how it went.


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