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Bottom of screen is only bottom when pinned?

Need Answer Lort143 16 months ago

I'm trying to create my own footer with a rectangle, 3 social media icons, and 3 hotspots over the icons.

When I have this footer at the bottom of my screen, it shows a bunch of white space below the footer when simulating. It only shows properly if I move the footer below the screen area.

I've found that if I pin the rectangle to the bottom of screen, it goes to the bottom of the screen and shows properly in the simulation. However, the icons can't be pinned. When I try to put the icons on top of the pinned rectangle, they float far above the rectangle in the simulation.

Is there a solution for everything to be pinned to the bottom of the page without excess white space?

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Hello, one option would be to use a dynamic panel to piece together the components of your footbar, I am attaching an example.

You could also create a template, you can see more information in the following link:


Let me know if this information was useful.



Thanks for the ideas. I tried both, but unfortunately I still ran into the same issue. I've attached the .vp (which has my original version) so you can see what I mean. The home page shows the issue, while the other pages show what it should look like.



Hello, I am attaching your vp with the footer pinned down.

let me know if this works for you.


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